Thursday, 28 February 2013

OUCE205 - greedy swing pricing.

Today we were asked to price one of our items of furniture, comparing it to the three existing swings i researched the pricing of earlier... 

1.) If i were to batch produce the swing from a small workshop, i would charge £200 per swing due to material and labour costs. This price would decrease the more i sold as there will be less money spend on jigs and an easy batch production process to craft each swing. 

2.) If i were to mass produce the item or sell the design i would think each swing would be sold for £50 per swing, with the amount sold bringing down the price.

As the process is similar to a skateboard and can be mass produced easily. I feel if i charge more than this the product will not sell due to the niche target audience. 

From looking at the swings, i noticed that they are being sold in a mass amount because they are made from hardwoods and have a contemporary design. I feel my swing is the same as the existing ones and could be a competitor in the market. 

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