bottletop lamp.

Lamp made from recycled bottle tops.

c.d. chandelier. 

Light made from discarded c.d's. Keep slotting your unwanted C.D's to the lamp and watch it grow.  

longboard rack.

Longboard storage rack made from plywood. Elliot Caine's artwork on the body of the rack.

bottletop candle.

Maybe I should start throwing things away?


Making life more spoony.

two truck cabinet.

My first hand production piece of furniture made from american ash and cherry. Traditional dovetails around the outside and lapped dovetails on the drawers. 

'peace' fork hook.

Hook made from discarded fork.

beano chair.

Re-used beano comic, ripped apart and pasted on the base and back of a found, discarded chair.

skateboard clock.

A broken skateboard, turned into a clock.

beano table.

Hand made American Ash/Oak side table decorated with unwanted 'Beano' comics.  

Greedy Swing.

What is it? 
The greedy swing is a portable swing in which the ropes can be slotted on and off with ease. The swing can be taken to any place you wish and used in many different ways to suit your personal preference. The ropes are adjustable, making it able to be used in any tree. 

How did i come up with the idea and product?
I have a friend at home, who was given the nickname 'greedyman' for asking for two slices of toast many years ago. 
When I was in europe over the summer, I created a cartoon character of what I thought greedyman would look like. This character keeps developing and was the inspiration for my 'Greedy Swing'. 
The swing can be used in many different ways including as a stool, a swing, a table or a step making it as greedy as greedyman. 
The shape and design was influenced by skateboarding and the manufacturing process of skateboards. The manufacturing process for the Greedy Swing is the same of a skateboard, with layering ply's onto of each other and pressing to create a solid shape.

family fence.

Black and white illustrations of my housemates from the treehouse. 

ReTHINKaboutit Project

"ReTHINKaboutIT" explores the possibilities of up cycling and reusing other people's waste. It offers a range of sculptural furniture made entirely from unwanted and discarded materials found arounds Leeds, UK. 

I want to encourage a 'D.I.Y' attitude, rethinking how we can help environmentally by using our hands. 

LLama Table

This table was part of my Live project brief above. It was made using a discarded pine wooden pallet and an old chair side. 

pallet table.

 Also part of my Live Project Brief. Made entirely out of a pine wooden pallet found in the city centre of Leeds, UK.  

Mushy Room Lamps

A range of stacking game inspired lamps. They were made from American Ash and Plywood. They are all powered using discarded electricity systems from lamps. - FOR SALE


Made from a discarded cable wheel and reclaimed pine. Finished in multi coloured spray paint, with black illustrations all the way around the body.

A Homeless Throne

'A Homeless Throne' was made using found, discarded materials in my back yard in Leeds. 

Urban Moose

Urban Moose, 'Mooseface Killah' is a multi functional moose whose album 'The Mystery of Mooseboxing' has recently reached the top ten with the song 'There was a Crazy Moose'. The cabinet can be bought separately or as a pair. As a pair you should put him either side of objects such as your bed or a book cabinet. When looking straight on at the arrangement of furniture, you should notice that the cabinets and the central item of furniture create a face. This face is the crazy, mysterious face of a moose which is 'Mooseface Killah'. This will work with any item of furniture that is put in the middle. 

He is made from locally sourced oak and discarded materials. When you look into his eye on the door front, you see inside his brain. This reveals 'Tom Collisons' screen printed artwork. The bin inspired drawer handle allows an easy open and closure allowing full inside use. 

There was a crazy moose, 
He liked to drink alot of juice.

Singing way o way o
Way up way up way up

The mooses name was fred
He liked to drink his juice in bed.

He drank his juice with care.
But sometimes spilt it in his hair.

Then his hair was stiff.
So he styled it in a quiff.

Singing way o way o
Way up way up way up way up.


Above features the first prototype from my 'bamdo0dle' collection. The 'BoxJellyFishSkateStool' is a plywood cube which allows you to slot and store your skateboard, enhancing the design. More information to follow as more prototypes are made. The cube can also multi-function as a three person bench and act as a storage system when the lid is lifted up. Sold as a flat pack, allowing you to build and customise your own design. 

For anymore information about my products please e-mail me on:-