Sunday, 21 December 2014

kids colouring book.

An edition of 7 colouring books for children aged 0-98. the books feature a range of different colour and textured paper and includes illustrations from friends such as Alien Pool, real§eye and a 5 year old girl. 
...these will be given out to a range of ages and asked to be filled in to gain inspiration from. 

ryJEN - live illustration.

...commissioned live illustration at a wedding reception.  jellybean and i were commissioned to draw within the gallery whilst Gaelic dancers performed around us. 


...spotted some new one-liners by crazyman.

Monday, 15 December 2014


Fish Fingers Wrapped in Ham consists of a range of creative beings. Each work with the manipulation and sculpture of materials, specialising in the designing and making of furniture. 
Influenced by the D.I.Y attitude of skateboarding they explore consumeristic ideologies whilst collaborating regally within the collective. Their aim is to create, more than they consume: whilst experimenting colour, form, function and material. Most of their work is inspired by fish fingers, skateboarding and carrots". 

canal mills live illustration 5.

...big up bobby, jaypee and mike. 

st.marys exploration - in search of jesus's hare.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

canal mills live illustration collaboration - Brandon Street Night Market.

 illustration at canal mills, this time in collaboration with JAYPEE & the guys from Assembly House Studios - a wide range of style and imagination.