Monday, 8 July 2013

fuck popular culture.

Today I will be a serious artist and describe what has been annoying me for the last few years from an image I saw posted by Scarborough Surf Society. 

The image below shows the tourist beach in Scarborough (the shit beach out of the three in central Scarborough) after a sunny day yesterday (07.07.2013). Is this really what human nature has become? How can we just damage the environment with no conscience whatsoever? How can so many people (popular culture) come to a beach and destroy it, putting so many sea creatures health at risk. The ignorance of littering and the 'someone else will do it' OR 'its someone else's job to do it' OR 'i cant be bothered' attitude that follows. These are the people who will then go home and watch David Attenborough's 'Blue Planet' and say how amazing whales and fish are.  

why are race, religion and sexual preference all discriminated against everyday by a mass amount of people in the world and why people are still ignorant to this even within our own families. 

why do things such as graffiti, lifestyle choice, drugs, appearance and anti establishment views separate humans when these are all decided are wrong BY the government whose views are racist, discriminatory, for the popular culture and by an upper class poo-poo head opinion.

fuck popular culture. fuck what is right and wrong by the government and fuck humanities unwillingness to help make the world a better, more sustainable place. 

p.s. fuck popular culture. 

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