Sunday, 12 May 2013

'Mooseface Killah - Da Mystery of Mooseboxing' update.

3 weeks into my FMP, thought I would show some developments...

Above shows the dovetailed carcass that will be screen printed by Thomas Collision. It also shows the basic layout of my cabinet although there is a lot of work to be done. 

The legs will be turned using the copy lathe, to ensure all 4 legs are identical. They will decrease in diameter from top to bottom, giving them an organic end finish. The rails will have a subtle profile on them to work with the legs, and will attach to the carcass from underneath (as the legs will be flush with the oak carcass). 

Above is the door front. It is a 12mm piece of MDF which has been veneered and laser cut. The middle eye will be drilled through to allow viewers to look inside my cabinet to see inside the moose's brain which displays Tom's screen prints. 

The selection of different woods above that I have glued together to carve the moose antler out of is now ready to be cut square. I will then draw the antler on and carve using an 'Arbortech'.

Updates to Follow.  

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