Friday, 31 May 2013

furniture photoshoot.

Urban Moose, 'Mooseface Killah' is a multi functional moose whose album 'The Mystery of Mooseboxing' has recently reached the top ten with the song 'There was a Crazy Moose'. The cabinet can be bought separately or as a pair. As a pair you should put him either side of objects such as your bed or a book cabinet. When looking straight on at the arrangement of furniture, you should notice that the cabinets and the central item of furniture create a face. This face is the crazy, mysterious face of a moose which is 'Mooseface Killah'. This will work with any item of furniture that is put in the middle. 

He is made from locally sourced oak and discarded materials. When you look into his eye on the door front, you see inside his brain. This reveals 'Tom Collisons' screen printed artwork. The bin inspired drawer handle allows an easy open and closeur allowing full inside use.

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