Thursday, 18 April 2013

moose model.

Here is a model I made for my PPD module. The model shows a dovetailed oak carcass, with a hinged oak door which has a moose eye laser cut onto the front. The inside of the cabinet shows screen prints done by Thomas Collison whom I am collaborating with. Each side of the model has a carved oak antler. The inside of the door presents you with the fact 'Moose can move each eye individually'. As you open the door, this proves this fact. 

The 3D glasses that go along with the model was done as a silly experiment for my own personal enjoyment. I thought it would be funny to watch my audience put 3D glasses on, thinking that some part of the model would change. It allows them to see the world through my eyes and have a bit of fun whilst looking at models of furniture. 

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