Friday, 22 March 2013

OUCE255 - Poster Task

For my last task for my PPD module I have been asked to evaluate the two posters below featuring a fake exhibition that we will be putting on at the start of next term.

1.) The poster shown above is simple yet effective. It presents the information effectively, although it is not obvious where the event takes place. It shows clearly what the event involves, although leaves room for the imagination to what will actually be exhibited. I feel a blurb or sentence about the event would clearly explain to the audience what the event will involve. The presentation of the poster is minimal, which will allow it to be printed cheap and grab the audiences attention at first glance. The font is fun and imaginative. It reminds me of the film 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids'. This is a positive thing due to the magical childhood memories most people have of the film. This would suggesting that the exhibition will be of similar interest. If I could change anything... I would take away the curved 'Leeds College of Art'. I would put it in its own logo/font at the bottom, with the date and website in the same font underneath. This would also be on A4 paper, using the whole page, bringing out the negative space, making the furniture look even smaller.  

2.) This poster is horrible. If i was to change it, I wouldn't. I would start again. But if I did have to change it...The font at the top should be in the same font as the 'Leeds College of Art' logo and be a lot bigger/bolder. The cover girl at the moment makes the poster look like a teenage girl magazine. It could have been more interesting to use a photo of a female furniture designer/maker or someone who will be featuring inside the exhibition (inside the environment they work/somewhere exiting so that the background is not plain white). This would give the poster more to look at and catch the audiences attention with the photograph, drawing them into the poster. There should also be a blurb/sentence briefly explaining what the event will be about. This should also include times/dates that the opening will be and where the gallery actually is. This will then allow the viewer to get all information from the poster and not have to look elsewhere, allowing him to want to attend the exhibition there and then. Even with all of this changed, the poster could still be improved by changing it all completely. 

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