Monday, 25 February 2013

OUCE255 - Buissness Plan

Today i was asked to compare one of my items of furniture with three existing competitors. I decided to compare existing prices to my 'Greedy Swing' shown to the right.

Price Comparison with Existing Products

1.) The first swing i will compare this to will be a basic oak wooden swing seat (image below). 
They are sold on 'MadMolly' for £65 when blank, with the price increasing the more letters you add to the seat. 


2.) I also found a 'Leaf Swing' made from hardwood on 'Bouf', selling for £625 a piece. The price also increased when adding coloured stains and changing the colour of the ropes. 


3.) Finally i found a basic pine swing sold on 'Objets Mecaniques' for $75.00. They are 'handmade' and dispatched in batch production.

Thoughts on Task
After doing this research, i have seen how overpriced simple handmade swings are sold for in a batch production market. With a few design changes to my swing, I could make it into a mass marketable product which i could batch produce and sell. 

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