Monday, 7 January 2013

its a free world...

Today in our first PPD lesson this year, we were told to go to the library and find an interesting article in the many journals my college has to offer and i stumbled across this beautiful man... 

Istvan Csaba Bartos. He is a "Hungarian cynic philosopher, stand-up, performance artist and spoken word performer mostly known for his notorious subversive acts in which he eats dirt, garbage, raw meat, animal cadavers, excrement and drinks his own urine representing the decay of human condition. He lives voluntarily homeless and constant travelling as a vagabond".

When he was 3, he was introduced to this idea by his Grandfather, and by the age of 8 was eating ants at school. He went onto eating the wires and screws from his T.V a few years later after seeing the disaster of the Thailand Tsunami. 

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