Tuesday, 15 January 2013

illustrations in mamseys restaurant.

Last term, I decided to draw my seven housemates and myself's faces for an independent illustration project. After drawing all eight faces in a similar style, i framed them and went off on my day, deciding what to do with them... 

The next night, my housemates and I decided to go to our local Thai restaurant for a christmas meal (as the thought of cleaning up BEFORE we cooked, was worse than the thought of cleaning afterwards). 

Inside the restaurant the room is head to toe in drawings and paintings from local artists. They welcome anyone to put there work on the walls, to promote themselves in the area. 'Mamseys' plays great music and the freshly made thai curries and noodles are incredible! 

The next day after our meal, I biked to the restaurant with my framed photos to show the owner and his staff. I was pleasantly surprised with his reaction, and even asked if I would do a set of drawings in the same style of his staff. They are now hung up on the main wall in the restaurant as shown below...

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