Friday, 11 January 2013

OUCE255 - Enterprise and Innovation - 200 words.


My name is Ryan Smith and this is my 5 values and personality traits that relate to me and the way that i work!

1.) I love being creative. I try to make my work as innovative and original as possible. 

2.) My child-like and playful attitude is shown throughout my work, with my obsession of colours and cartoon characters being regally used. I am a practical person who works with the manipulation of materials, trying to show my personality throughout everything i do
3.) I am an energeticexcitable and hands on young man who is constantly looking for new ideas and experiments to try out. 

4.) All of my work consists of a story. The process from an initial idea to a final, fully functional piece of art always tells a story and i enjoy sharing it with anyone who is interested. 

5.) Everything i do regarding my work is for a reason, and as my Gran says, 'everything happens for a reason'... and she would never lie.  

The best type of furniture makes you smile... And every time you smile, a fairy is born. 

Thanks for reading!


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