Friday, 11 January 2013

a brace.

Today, I was in need of a 35mm drill bit to drill a hole in a piece of oak i will be using on my latest project. Whilst trying to find this drill bit, Big Rich decided to show me an old school woodworkers tool named a 'brace drill'. The brace drill uses the arms to turn the screw to drill down into the wood and shave a circle in the process. 
He set me up and i used the old tool to drill my hole. Although this process is a lot longer than using a drill, it was a very rewarding task. Maybe hand tools, and doing everything hand made is the way forward? Working from our roots and carrying on the tradition of woodworking. All i know is it was fun and i plan on using such tools to add character to my work. Well done Big Rich! Another one strikes the (saw)dust....(bad joke)! 

(Brace the image on the right)

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